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BitGet Cryptocurrency Trading

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When trading coins, the selection of a coin exchange is very important. Is the trading volume sufficient? Is it a reliable place? How cheap are the fees? Are the listed coins different? Is the ordering server smooth without traffic? Is the order window convenient for me to focus on trading? There is quite a lot to consider. Since you cannot know all of this right away, we start recommending a low-fee coin exchange among all the conditions that are met.

Unlike stocks, each exchange has different fees for coins, so there are different places to recommend depending on your trading style.

BitGet is favorable for limited futures trading and favorable for major futures. 비트겟 is good for copy trading and market futures.

BitGet is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange established in Singapore in 2018. It offers a variety of services like 비트코인 거래소, also including futures and spot trading, and has a total of more than 1.5 million global members. 

Based on the volume of derivatives trading, it is the fifth in the world and its trading volume exceeds SEK 6 trillion. You can find BitGet on trusted rating sites like CMC, CoinGecko, and Cryptoadventure.

BitGet is the most advantageous futures exchange for market price trading. Fees are the lowest when trading at market price. Bitget's position is unusual, it started late for a futures exchange, and it is a pioneer in copy trading. The basic fee is 0.02% for limit trading and 0.06% for market price trading, but 0.019% when using My Referral and 0.0285% for market price trading.


  • Basic fee 0.02%, market price 0.06% / My referral (50% discount + My 10% additional discount) 0.019%, 0.0285%
  • Futures exchange and spot support.
  • It is possible to split the seed for each trading pair.
  • Lowest market price transaction fees.
  • sensitive to fashion.
  • Copy trading is possible.

Bitget has established branches in countries or regions such as Korea, Vietnam, Canada, Russia, and Taiwan to conduct global compliance operations.