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Christian Room Decor Ideas

Christianity is rich in customs, symbols, and traditions. Religion has influenced art and music since its inception, and Christian art and symbols continue to appear in relatively secularized society today.

If you are a practicing Christian and want to express your religion through your home décor, you will find there is no shortage of resources. Christian decorations can be particularly helpful for parents who want to educate children about the faith.

In addition to obvious images, the Christian tradition also offers opportunities for more subtle decorating ideas and themes. For more, check out some interesting Christian room decor ideas here

Incorporate lots of Christian art and decorative items throughout the home. Hang pictures of Christ or biblical facts or plaques with your favorite Bible verses inscribed on them. These items are easily found in Christian bookstores. For more unique items, check out local antique stores and thrift stores.

Diversify your Cruz collection. Crosses are a common Christian image. If the common Latin cross is a bit tedious, look at other types of crosses that have been used throughout history. Not only are these crosses visually appealing, but they also have fascinating origins.

Use the liturgical calendar in your decoration. Christianity has a wide variety of festivals and seasons throughout the year, not just around Christmas and Easter. If you are a Roman Catholic, you can decorate for saint holidays, which occur almost every day of the year, displaying paintings or images of the celebrated saint.

Even denominations that don't believe in Saints have a variety of Christian holidays to celebrate, such as Pentecost, Epiphany, and Reformation on Sunday.

Decorate yourself with symbolic colors that are associated with the Christian seasons of the year. There are many seasons in the Christian year, such as Advent, Lent, and ordinary time, all of which are commonly symbolized by certain colors.

For example, Advent and Lent are traditionally symbolized by purple, and Easter Sunday and the entire Easter season are symbolized by gold.

Set aside a room or other area for a family prayer room. Although they may not be frequented by visitors, a prayer area is a very important place for families to gather for prayer and reflection. If you have children, you can hold them responsible for decorating the room with their favorite religious images.

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