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Gwangju Plastic Surgery

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Plastic Surgery is a medical specialty that aims to correct and improve abnormalities of congenital, acquired, traumatic, tumor, or involutive origin that require repair or replacement of the body shape and its function. Plastic surgery in general includes: burns, skin defects or wounds, skull maxillofacial surgery, and hand surgery.

The plastic surgery team at 광주 성형외과 is a group of accredited surgeons, pioneers in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery who work together in a multidisciplinary way to offer optimal results to each of our patients. 

As part of a first-class clinical center, our surgeons are constantly training in the various disciplines of plastic surgery to put the best medicine within the reach of the patient's needs.

At, we are a group of specialists dedicated to treating structural, aesthetic, and functional problems through a high reconstructive level that uses scientific and technological advances to improve the patient's body image, regardless of the complexity of the diagnosis.

Our modern infrastructure and technology allow us to provide a quality service, with multidisciplinary and specialized management for the care of patients in plastic surgery in all its areas, including the availability of operating rooms, state-of-the-art microscopes, and imaging support.

Our group of plastic surgeons is one of the largest in the region. We have the most important burn unit for adults and children in the region. We attend emergencies in plastic surgery 7 days a week.

Participation in research and experience in plastic surgery has been reflected in publications in international magazines and specialized magazines.

Participation of our plastic surgeons in the training of health personnel, doctors, and specialists from different universities in the region, the country, and the world.

Participation of our specialists as speakers in academic events at the local, regional and international levels.