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Pediatric Dentist in South Miami

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A child’s teeth are very important, especially if a proper pediatric dentist is involved. If you are looking for the right affordable Pediatric Dentist in South Miami to take care of your child’s teeth, you are in the right place. At All Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, our services are fast and will take you to the pediatric dentist you need.

A pediatric dentist specializes in dentistry or rather serves children with special dental care needs. They are dedicated to children’s oral health because they have experience in the care of gums, mouth, and teeth at different stages of childhood life.

What is the difference between a dentist and a pediatric dentist?

A dentist is an oral health care professional. They have three years of undergraduate degree and four years of dental training, and they only need to complete to be general dentists.

The pediatric dentist provides oral care for infants and children into adulthood. They have two or three years of education, which limits their education to caring for children only.

What kind of procedures does the pediatrician perform?

Stainless steel crowns, It is used to restore badly damaged or decayed back teeth to hold on to white fillings. They are attached to the child’s teeth to avoid further damage.

X-rays, Children need more tests than adults because their mouths change quickly. X-rays usually show tooth weakness that may not be visible to the naked eye. Pediatric dentists require children to be inspected at least every six months because of the high risk of cavities.

Tooth-colored fillings are used to restore the front and posterior teeth. They are used to repair broken teeth or damaged areas. They need to fit as closely as possible to natural teeth.

Fluorine, Fluoride helps block cavities. Your pediatric dentist will monitor your child’s dental development to determine the amount of fluoride they need. This needs to be balanced because too much or rather excessive use can lead to fluorosis, while too little can lead to very severe tooth decay.

Cavities, Children exposed to sugary sweets, foods, and beverages often damage sensitive gum tissue. This creates weak spots in the teeth, which now become cavities. When left alone, they cause irreversible damage and remove your child’s teeth at an early stage. Early treatment is recommended here, and a pediatric dentist can repair the tooth with tooth-colored fillings.

Extracts, This is done as a last resort for severe tooth decay. If the primary molar is removed prematurely, a space administrator is placed. Primary teeth are essential because they help maintain the right space for the teeth that remain in your child’s chin.

Pulp treatment, This is the treatment of blood vessels in infected nerves and teeth. This is necessary for two reasons; Extensive tooth decay or tooth injury. If you do not provide good pulp care, your child will experience pain, swelling, or even tooth loss. The purpose of pulp therapy is to prolong a child's life.

Gaskets, Sealants prevent tooth decay. The last 5-10 years with proper maintenance. At each inspection, your dentist makes sure the sealants are intact and even advises you to make sure your children avoid crunchy foods, ice, and candy.pediatric-dentist-in-south-miamipediatric-dentist-in-south-miamiFPediatric Dentist in South Miami