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Pressurized Leak Detector Korea

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At, our Leak Test System has been developed to meet customer needs based on 15 years of experience in the semiconductor and display industries. 

We have learned that Leak Tester is essential for use in all industries other than high-tech IT manufacturing fields such as units and parts and utilities of semiconductor and LCD equipment, and automobiles, construction, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and electronic products. 

In addition to the airtightness test that measures the sealing state of gases or liquids in related parts, related tests that guarantee the airtight state and safety of the product such as moisture penetration, contamination, and leakage are essential in all industrial fields.

A touch screen controller that pursues the convenience of operation with a new concept dual check method air & water. We are one of the best Pressurized Leak Detector Korea.

Leak Detector is used for vacuum area, but Air or Di is used for atmospheric pressure area, which plays a big role in detecting leak points and detecting and responding to problems in advance within a short time (about 2 to 5 minutes)

Quick and accurate test implementation with touch screen. Leak rate and time automatic control by adopting electronic control. Save test result record and output by built-in USB port. Built-in Alarm and Buzzer function when an event occurs

A technology patent that shows more accurate test results by applying parts and sensors that have been verified mainly in the semiconductor field. Safety verification with KC certification

Built-in integrated water pump and air compressor, infinite repeat cycle test is also possible.

If you are interested in BOT Leak Detector System, please leave a message at We will respond quickly.

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