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Racking System Supplier Malaysia

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As a leading provider of warehousing solutions and shelving systems, Suntech Storage System Sdn Bhd specializes in optimizing productivity and warehouse efficiency and performance.

Racking and storage systems are key to optimal and efficient performance and are the backbone of the warehouse. At Suntech Storage System Sdn Bhd, we provide you with the keys to obtain the maximum potential of your warehouse, with racking systems, storage of small parts, mezzanine structures, and much more, all adapted to your needs. 

Small parts storage and handling can be especially difficult. We offer a wide range of solutions to meet the demands of your operations, including customized systems for your small parts warehouses, which can be static or dynamic. Suntech Storage System Sdn Bhd is a racking system supplier and storage solution provider.

An optimally planned racking system is the backbone of your warehouse. Once assembled, it must not only withstand loads, it must also withstand changes. Therefore, future-proof planning is essential.

At Suntech Storage System Sdn Bhd, we have been committed for years to our racking system developments, individual solutions, and the highest quality. With a wide range of products for the storage solution, we take care that everything touches a good anchorage and is within ability at all times. Clients from all over Malaysia and from various branches rely on our systems to multiply their successes.

Your warehouse needs a solid foundation to increase its performance. This is what our unique approach guarantees. Our product designers and structural engineers define the requirements to be met by the future system for the Suntech Storage System Sdn Bhd racking and carry out its technical design. 

We plan and project a tailor-made solution for your company. A truly unique solution. If you wish, we also offer you a subsequent annual inspection. So you get everything you need from a single expert.