It is increasingly common for Korean students to consider going abroad to study for their university degrees and the United Kingdom is one of the most popular destinations.

The UK offers you a world-class education, world-renowned qualifications, and great career prospects. So whether you want to study at a UK university, boarding school, vocational training center, or English language school, UKEN is here to help you get started. 

Students at UKEN are encouraged to challenge preconceptions and traditional disciplinary boundaries and explore new ways of thinking about the world. Learn more and apply today! On the 유켄영국유학 website, you can find everything you need to know to study in the UK.

Studying in the UK gives you the highest level of education, internationally recognized qualifications, and bright career prospects. 

Many UK universities offer tuition support to Korean students as well as exploring options to expand their current financial aid programs. Our students have access to the latest research facilities, build confidence and skills in English while developing the skills and knowledge most valued in the world of work.  

With a study culture steeped in heritage, as well as strong research credentials, it offers international students an attractive range of higher education institutions and programs.

It could be its position in the rankings, its campus with high-quality facilities, its reputation in the academic world, its practical programs, its fame for the subject, or its focus on a very specific area of ​​study.


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